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Dear Classroom Teacher,

You have a unique challenge in today’s school classroom.
Daily, your students are bombarded with messages that distract them from learning key skills and from the need to use their minds creatively. What if you could combine critical thinking with the fun and excitement of an intriguing investigative game?


That’s what this website is all about . . .

At Classroom Mysteries you’ll find mystery plots and scenarios that focus on the needs and abilities of students ages 8 through 15. Plus, the mysteries are combined with lesson plans. Here’s what you’ll get!

Easy-to-use plots and scenarios that are wrapped around unforgettable lessons.

Learning tied to fun and excitement. Not only will you have a classroom exercise that your students will look forward to, but you’ll also have an activity that appeals to their inquisitive side.

A cost effective way to enhance what you do in the classroom. In today’s economy, the money that you spend personally will go farther.

The lesson plans were designed by teachers like you!

All of the lesson plans here at Classroom Mysteries are the result of our collaboration with a team of teachers who understand what it takes to turn a mystery into a cohesive learning event. The mysteries on this website stress a variety of subjects and core skills – the kind that you focus on everyday in your classroom. They’re waiting for you right now.


Browse through the mysteries and the lesson plans associated with each of them. Find the ones that you know will add new dimensions to your classroom. A few easy clicks will take you to the order page and, after your credit card is processed, you’ll be able to begin planning your classroom mystery!

We’re so sure you’ll like, the lesson plans are guaranteed!

And, if you have any questions at all about how to make the best use of Classroom Mysteries, just call our investigative offices. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have – or put you in touch with the person or people who can help.

Your class will remember these mysteries for the rest of their lives. What are you waiting for? Order now!


Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector


Transform your classroom into a unique learning environment that challenges your students to use their powers of deduction



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About the Chief Inspector

Jack Pachuta is
a mysterious guy.

Not only does he
have a worldwide internet business
of downloadable
murder mystery
parties, but he
also orchestrates murder mystery
events across
the nation for
companies and
After a career in training and communications, the Cedarburg, Wisconsin resident turned a hobby into a business.

"In the middle of winter, my wife, Renira, and I wanted to do something out of the ordinary.

"I stayed up late one dark and stormy night and watched the movie 'Murder on the Orient Express.' The next day,
I began writing, 'Murder on the Cedarburg Express,' a murder mystery party for our friends."

Holding masters degrees from both Michigan State University and the University of Southern California, Jack has taught at the college level as an adjunct and professional faculty member at many colleges and universities in the Milwaukee area.

Plus, Jack is an artist and a member of the Cedarburg Artists Guild and the League of Milwaukee Artists. If you're out driving, it's easy to identify Jack. Just look for his WHODNT Wisconsin license plates.